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Dt. of ReleaseFilm/Movie NameTamil MP3 Songs?Tamil Song Lyrics?
21-Nov-07 Lakshyam இலட்சியம் Tamil MP3 Songs Available
23-Nov-07 Laysa Laysa லேசா லேசா Tamil MP3 Songs AvailableTamil MP3 Songs Lyrics?
06-Nov-07 Lee லீ Tamil MP3 Songs Available
16-Sep-09 Leelai லீலை
23-Dec-14 Lingaa லிங்கா Tamil MP3 Songs Available
30-Jul-09 Looty(2000) லூட்டி(2000)
22-Sep-07 Love Today இலவ் டுடே Tamil MP3 Songs AvailableTamil MP3 Songs Lyrics?
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Hello Tamilians from all around the Globe.

This is the first of its kind site to fully dedicate the Tamil MP3 Songs  with Tamil Song Lyrics.

Why such a Tamil Songs with Lyrics site is essential?
What you hear, you Forget!

What you see, you Remember!

What you do, you Learn!!!

This is a famous slogan we all know. If we want to really remember a thing it is better to see it. Normally we hear songs, and we enjoy the music. But after sometime, if we want to hum the song, most of the time, we are unable to do it. Because, we do not remember the song lyrics words.

What is the rememdy for this? Our site! Yes our site enables the visitor to hear the song as well as see the words of the Tamil song Lyrics. This enables the visitor with greater joy of new Tamil MP3 music experience.

Just hear the Tamil song one or two times along with the Tamil Song's lyrics. That's it. Automatically your mind will remember to recall the Tamil Song Lyrics again.

How do we do this?
We at SoftHaands Software Services, a team of members, dedicated to publish all the old and new songs for the benefit of the Tamil community. We do it as a service along with our Software and Website development activity. This really helps us a lot as an entertainment activity as well as it gives a job satisfaction while watching thousands of people visiting this site every day and enjoys the tamil music.
Tamil people Around the World are very much happy   with this Tamil MP3 Songs along with Tamil Song Lyrics. How?
All over the globe, wherever the Tamil people are there, they are willing to teach their children the Tamil letters and words. They are much interested in teaching Tamil to their children. But unfortunately, they are not be able to spend much time in dedicating time to teach everything.

We strongly believe that, once the parents teaches the basic letters and words in tamil language, the children who comes to this site, will definitely and easily can pickup the tamil learning, just by listening to music while they watch the words in real Tamil letters. Surely it will increase the learning curve at ease.

This sounds great! Isn't it?

We dedicate this site to all the people who loves to learn and speak tamil, one of the ancient language, the entire world agrees.

Jai Hind!

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