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Dear Viewers,
You've come to the one of the world's best Super Six Songs Collection site.

Have you ever wondered or get confused over which song to hear now? If you agree with this or not, I got confused often. Because, there are thousands of songs, but noramlly we would like to hear the songs for just 15 minutes to 30 minutes or so.

But the choices are more. It is very confusing state that which song is perfect for that situation. Yes, we wish to hear the songs, according to the current mood of our mind. If we are sad, we will feel good, if we hear the sad songs.

Ofcourse, if we are in happy mood, we will be in need of some good melodius and beat songs to cope up our mind.

It is only on this situation, we got a fantastic idea of bringing in the Super Six Tamil MP3 Songs Collections. There are a number of benefits in this Super Six Tamil Songs Collections. You can also participate in bringing up your super six tamil mp3 songs to this site.

This site is to bring up the super six songs of related mood. For example Six Sad songs, Six Melodious songs, Six Love Songs, Six Love Beat Songs, Six Philosophical Songs, Six Beat Songs, Six Remix Songs etc.

If you hear these evenly distributed same kind of six songs, I really assure you that you will definitely get enjoyed for 30 minutes and your mind will get fresh. It is the reflection of someone, who is like minded to you.

We hope this will give you a great experience in hearing Tamil MP3 Songs.

All the best.

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25-April-17 12:32:03
Kamal Sad songs-2
25-April-17 12:31:32
Kamal Love Beat songs-5
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Rajini Love Melodius songs-2
25-April-17 01:48:53
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Kamal Sad songs-2
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Kamal Sad songs-1
Kamal Love Melodius songs-4
Kamal Love Melodius songs-5
Kamal Love Beat songs-1
Vijay Sad songs
Kamal Love Beat songs-4
Ajith Sad songs
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